Friday, June 25, 2010

Canada Day Is coming soon- woo hoo!

I am proud to be Canadian! So in anticipation for the upcoming holiday I always get excited and have to make sure everyone in the house has an appropriate new red Canada Day shirt. We have so much to be greatful for living in this beautiful country.
We are so blessed, we are so free, we need to LOVE that about Canada!
And so i for one will celebrate Canada Day!
and i will post pics of Eli celebrating his first Canada Day. I can hardly wait :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

my new manager : Mr Elias Raymond James Menard

So we have been blessed i will say to be able to travel so soon with little Eli.
He has been gracious enough to give us good sleep and even lets me bathe or shower daily (which is strange according to other new moms). We first travelled to Victoria and then the next week to Vancouver- many said i was crazy but we still managed to have a great time. This is such a special time in my life and right now i have 3 other cousins who are on mat leave. I just feel so lucky to learn from their wisdom and experience and to share in the joys and worries of motherhood from women whom i hold so close to my heart.
In other news this past weekend was my baby shower, it was more beautiful than i could have imagined and i was more spoiled than i thought possible.
Eli won`t need anything until he`s 4 years old.

Here are a few pics that my wonderful talented friend Pam

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What a life changing event!

So it seems as though life changes the moment you pee on a stick and find out you're preggers!

Well i must say that i have been truly blessed to have had a wonderful pregnancy and on February 26, 2010 at 9:29 PM is when my life hit the excellerator.

I gave birth to our first child; a son named Elias Raymond James Menard and i can say with certainty that i will happily never be the same. This day which was not so long ago has grown me exponentially as a person in a very short time. The way your life will change and how you anticipate it how it changes are two worlds apart.

I grew new emotions, the love i have for this child is like no other. Yes, i will admit i am like the neurotic parents that i swore i'd never be like and check periodically to see if Eli is still breathing.

You will never sleep through the night and you'll be totally okay with it, because the cute face staring back at you is totally worth it.

You happily drink cold coffee just to get the caffeine in. I thought nothing in this world would ever be able to separate me from my HOT morning coffee, boy was i wrong.

You will love your spouse more, and after 5 years i thought that was impossible. But when you consider that two people can make a miracle and that it will look like and walk around with your mannerisms it really makes you speachless.

There are just so many joys about being a new parent that i can hardly contain myself, i still can't believe that i am responsible for this beautiful little child and he is only just 20 days old :)